Must See Places


The main city in Costa Brava famous for its old town, colorful houses along the river, a stretch of walkable city walls, the cathedral and the funky red steel bridge designed by Eiffel before he put up his little tower in the middle of Paris. 


Old fishing village with traditional mediterranean flair of white buildings and bright rooftops. Park near the bus station and wander around the streets and manny alleyways. It was one of Dali's hangouts as commemorated by a statue by the beach. Drive out to nearby Cap de Creus (cape) for some beautiful views. Beautiful drive to get to the village through the mountains and olive orchards. 

Castellfollit de la Roca

A cool little town situated atop a giant cliff. Stop at the bottom for the classic picture before driving up to wander over to the viewpoints by the church and see if you can walk up the bell tower.

Santa pau

Check out the restored old city inside the walls. Peak out at the fields around it, check out the hidden corners and grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.

tossa del mar

Beautiful views driving through the mountains and small villages on the way from Girona. Old fortress on the seaside, above the beach, with cool old town within the fortress wall.

Nice To See Places


Visit for the quirky Dali museum designed by Dali himself - funky outside, fascinating inside.

Empuria Brava

Coastal town built with many canals. Stroll around the beach, then walk the streets along the canals and check out the boats and the mansions.

Castelló d'Empúries

A cool, compact old town to wander around. See if you can find a castle (hint: there isn't one).

Ripoll and Villalonga de Ter

Getting deeper into the Pyrenees now, it's all medieval-looking towns with narrow cobblestone streets and bright colored decor atop the stony houses. A cool old style arching bridge over the river in Ripoll. We stayed the night in Villalonga - nobody spoke English that we could find. For food, go to Ripoll.