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Who the heck are you?

Well, good day to you too!

I'm Dima. Sometimes I answer to Lord Dima the Great (more on that below). Or Dima the Great. But usually just Dima works. "Hey you, tall guy" might also work but will almost certainly earn you a glaring stare (be very afraid).

Born and raised in Ukraine, I have lived in the US for a while now. I studied computer science things in college but then caught the aviation bug and now work on avionics - electronics for airplanes. That is whenever I am not traveling.

Travel addiction

It's pretty hard for me to admit, but I'm an addict. A travel addict.

My first big trip started in 2011 when I quit my job once I realized I had enough frequent flier miles to book a round-the-world ticket, costing me just $368.

Three years later I felt like I should do the "grown up" thing again and went back to the cubicle world. I ended up flight testing a cool new passenger jet before packing it in again and leaving for the current round of adventures in January of 2016.

So far I have been to all continents, 80+ countries, all states and territories in the US, and countless islands in the Pacific. #majorAddict

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But really, what's with the lord thing?

For my 34th birthday I had a little official mailer waiting for me at home. I had my suspicions and they were proven correct once I ripped it open. Inside was the registration deed of individual noble title approved and granted by the head of state and the royal family of Principality of Sealand.

I was now officially a lord - Lord Dima! Practically rolls off the tongue :)

You might not have heard of Sealand and that’s ok - not many have and even less got a chance to visit this tiny nation in the middle of the English Channel. But its story is a fascinating one and I dream about maybe one getting a chance to visit my people. Not really. But it would be cool.