Case of the Mondays #5: Lake Wanaka


Another week, another Monday, another Case of the Mondays post is here! Wondering what the heck is it all about? Apparently, a few people have not heard this expression (lucky ones!) and have missed the memo in my first post of the series (how could you!?).

The expression comes from the Office Space movie - a must watch for any office worker (and everyone else who is trying to understand these poor species). Here's a snippet from youtube to illustrate what I am talking about.

So, are you about to lose it? Or could you simply use a pretty picture to look at for the next minute or two and relax for a bit? Today I give the awesome view of Lake Wanaka and its surroundings on a cloudy day.

For the first-timers, here are the rules: click on the picture to enlarge it, wait for it to load, scroll around and enjoy the view, then click anywhere to return to reality. Don’t forget to click “Like” to the left and maybe even pin it on Pinterest! Feel free to share this on your Facebook or LinkedIn to help your other friends and coworkers with their Case of the Mondays as well :) I would sure appreciate it!

Wanaka, New Zealand

I took this shot at the south west corner of the lake after hiking up the hill with Andi and Fishy, a couple from Borneo that hitch hiked a ride with me for a few days. It took us a while to drive out to Wanaka from Queenstown so it was a nice bit of exercise. As if the scenery was not cool enough by itself, the next day I flew over the lake in a 1940s Tiger Moth doing all sorts of aerobatic tricks in the middle of this awesomeness!

Let me know what you think of this view and feel free to check out the rest of Case of the Mondays series.