Case of the Mondays #8: Garden of the Gods


Today's breathtaking panorama comes from a breathtaking place in the good ole U.S. of A. - Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. So hit the pause button on that "urgent" task you have been working on (or trying to get to) since this morning (it better not be email!). Go get a cup of tea/coffee/your poison of choice and let this scenic view of Pikes Peak (towards the left) and its surroundings take care of your Case of the Mondays. Remember to click on the picture to enlarge it, wait for it to load, scroll around and enjoy the view, then click anywhere to return to reality.

Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak

I have been to Colorado Springs a few times but have not had a chance to visit Garden of the Gods until recently. I was flying back from the west coast through Denver and figured I would catch a quick flight down to Colorado Springs to hang out with Dave and finally see it for myself. I used to coach Dave and his brother as they played soccer in high school I graduated from and later, when I moved to Florida, my parents bought their first house from Dave's family. We lost touch since then and just recently reconnected as Dave and his wife have been following my adventures and are now thinking about spending their winter holidays in Chiang Mai. Still, some may wonder, why go anywhere when they have this view at their doorstep.