Lowering Standards

When it came to visiting Nancy in north east Kentucky, it did not seem like there would be much exciting things to do out there in the country. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Although the original restaurant (if you can call it that) is located in West Virginia, it masterfully represents the local flavor of the tri-state region (SE Ohio, West Virginia, NE Kentucky). At one point this hot dog joint was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show so now it is a must-visit spot in the area.

The setup includes anything and everything hillbilly. From two gutted school busses that provide seating, to door handles on the same side as the hinges (that one got me), to what seemed like every possible item one could find at a garage sale, and, of course, the very funny sings. This place had everything. And the food! The menu is simple - dogs and burgers. But, oh so many variations! The star of the show is the Homewrecker hot dog - a one pound, 15" long weenie covered with a dozen of condiments. So of course I went for it! And almost finished it (I pretty sure I would of done it, but Mike looked hungry so I gave him a little piece).

You really better be careful with your matches around here

Why can't you follow the instructions?

Chiming away

A bus AND a boat. What else would anyone need?


Even an intense, and my first, CrossFit session the next day would not have been enough to make up for that nutrition disaster so Nancy and I spent some time checking out different hiking spots around. Situated on the banks of Ohio river, the entire area is gorgeous for a nature lower. While not as exciting as jungles of Malaysia (no tiger footprints), the hikes around Lake Vesuvius at the Wayne National Forest and around Greenbo Lake were very scenic and all the greenery around reminded me of New Zealand.