$100 $81 Pizza Run to Chicago

The notion of a $100 dollar hamburger is familiar to any pilot. It is often used to describe a quick weekend morning flight to get some breakfast at a nearby airport or head somewhere for dinner after work on a weekday - essentially,  just an excuse for going up for a flight somewhere. When the price of fuel and operating the airplane adds to the cost of that meal, that is where the $100 concept comes in (and these days, probably becomes a $200 quite easy). Even though I did not fly myself this time, I thought that describes quite well what I did yesterday - flying to Chicago for an afternoon to get a piece of Chicago's famous deep dish pizza.

I have mentioned in my previous post that Chicago is my favorite big city so when Ariel told me he is coming up to Chicago for vacation, I figured why not make a quick run up there and treat him to some of the best pizza in town at Exchequers.

I couchsurfed with Ariel in Buenos Aires and he played tour guide for us there so it was appropriate for me to take him around Chicago for a bit.

We walked up the famous Michigan avenue and the off to the Navy Pier (with a brief stop at a liquor store that made a good impression on Ariel by having dozens upon dozens of fine wines from Argentina). There, I found out that Ariel has never had the funnel cake, so we had to indulge in this traditional, heart-stopping, goodness.

Later we met up with my friend Anthony and his friend Mike for a few martinis before I had to head back to the airport.

To the tune of MasterCard commercials:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • Flight to Chicago: $0
  • Pizza: $36
  • Funnel Cake: $6
  • Martinis: $26
  • CTA: $5
  • Starbucks $3
  • Airport Parking: $5
  • A day trip to Chicago: Priceless!