The Amazing Pyrenees

Almost as soon as I made my decision to visit Catalunya region of Spain for TBEX Europe, I decided to try to make it to Andorra, as it would probably be the closest I would ever get to that tiny country. Luckily, my friend Dustin was offered a complimentary rental car by Argus Car Hire and we decided to take full advantage of it. We left the coastal region of Costa Brava yesterday afternoon and drove through the Spanish Pyrenees before stopping for the night at a tiny village of Vilallonga de Ter where nobody spoke a word of English.

Taking the scenic (ie very curvy) route paid off

Fret not, between my 20 words of Spanish, Dustin's three words of French, and lots of funny gesturing and giggling we were able to score ourselves a room for the night and a nice dinner at a town nearby.

Our nightly accomodation, secured on the spot with about 20 words of Spanish

But that's about all I am going to say in this post. I have been so amazed by the scenery and the towns around us the last couple of days that I wanted to show you guys a few pictures rather than do a usual writeup. Enjoy!

Dustin wondering around Vilallonga de Ter

A (very) sturdy bridge in Camprodon

A typical street (Vilallonga de Ter)

Uncharacteristic mix of colors for this region

Still standing strong after hundreds of years

Everything is still very green in the middle of the fall season

Even a highway looks as if it belongs here

The most stunning view of the day (La Pobla de Lillet)

Hope you enjoyed! I am still working on write ups for the last week of adventures, but I just didn't want to wait to share these :)

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