Funny Fridays: In-Flight Cabin Safety Videos


I love to fly. And I fly a lot. A WHOLE LOT - 647 flights to date, to be exact. That is also lot of, usually dull, preflight safety videos and announcements. Sure, not all of those flights were on the airlines, and, in some cases, the equipment on board was... um... non-standard:

Airline funny preflight safety videos - Circular saw for flight test

Still, there are only so many ways to fasten a seatbelt (well, actually, just one) so some airlines recognize that the more fun they can make the preflight safety briefing, the more people will actually pay attention to it. Having witnessed some of these myself, I can attest that they do work. In particular, I still remember sitting there with my jaw somewhere on the floor for the entire duration of Air New Zealand's Richard Simmons video (see below).

So, let's have some fun on a Friday. Here are four of my all-time favorite funny and entertaining safety videos to get you ready for your next flight! If you are reading this in your email or using an RSS reader and you don't see the videos, you can go to the blog post.

Southwest Announcements

Well, technically this is not an actual preflight safety video, but a recording of a hilarious safety announcement. My favorite - making sure shoes match the outfits!

Southwest is well known in the industry and to flying public as the airline that does things different. Sometimes, totally different from shorts and polos for their uniform to their safety briefings. Here's a bit cheesier one.

Cebu Air Pacific Lady Gaga Safety Dance

Also, not a safety video per se, but a rather unique and lively safety demo on this airline from the Philippines. My favorite - pointing out the exits.

I flew with Cebu a few times when I was in the Philippines and was looking forward to experiencing this for myself. As it turned out, it is not an airline-mandated way of doing the briefings, but rather something that a group of flight attendants came up with so you just have to be lucky to be on one of the flights they are working. There is a video of them practicing and yes, there is also a male version but it is not nearly as entertaining.

Air New Zealand Safety Videos Galore

As promised, here's the Richard Simmons video that kept me wondering if it was for real for its entire duration. Stretch and slide!

Actually, Air New Zealand is known for creative approach to their safety videos and they seem to come up with a new one about every year. Last year it was the Lord of the Rings themed Unexpected Briefing while this year it is Old School Safety with Betty White at a retirement home. Both mildly amusing, but I would stick with Richard Simmons.

Virgin America Get Ready To Fly Safety Video Musical

Richard Branson's Virgin empire started back in the 70s with a chain of music stores in Britain. Now it includes everything from phones (Virgin Mobile) to space tourism (Virgin Galactic). And three airlines to boot - Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Pacific (rebranded to Virgin Australia), and the most recent - Virgin America in the US. Prouding themselves on doing things differently in the airline industry, it only makes sense that Virgin America tapped into their recording history to produce this awesome musical-style safety video. See if you can "keep your hoo in that chair" as you watch it. Full screen mode highly recommended!

I have yet to fly on Virgin America, but things like this safety video is why I can't wait to experience it for myself. If only they  had nearly as much space between the seats as they  show in this video…  Also, check out a very interesting "behind the scenes" video.

Bonus - Delta Outtakes and Pan Am

In line with other US Airlines, Delta's safety videos are pretty dull (no offense to Deltalina). But the compilation of outtakes from filming those videos is actually pretty funny. Maybe they can put together one just using the outtakes? People might actually watch it then.

And for the fellow avgeeks out there, here is a Pan Am A300 safety video from 1988 I stumbled upon. Nothing funny here, just a blast from the past:

Alright, that's it for this longer-than-usual Funny Fridays post. Hope you had fun. Have a good weekend everyone!

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