Case of the Mondays #15: Arecibo Telescope


Just as I thought I ran out of panoramic photos for my Case of the Mondays series, I stumbled upon a few pictures from our trip to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. While I couldn't take a good panoramic shot with my primitive point-and-shoot back then, Bruce (I believe) stitched together this awesome shot of Arecibo radio telescope (the largest in the world!) and I would feel guilty not to share something like this! So it is time to take a break, pop open the full size photo and enjoy the view!

Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico

This giant "out of this world" structure is hidden deep in the mountains and jungles of Puerto Rico. It is 1000 feet (305 meters) in diameter, made out of 38778 plates (Wikipedia). Talk about one giant puzzle!

And if you are following my award booking thriller series, don't fret! The next post is coming up tomorrow where I will show you how I was able to tack on a bunch of stops in Norway to an already awesome itinerary for free!

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