Case of the Mondays #38: Copenhagen Roofs


Ah, it's another Monday. The dreaded start of another week. Work has you down? The email inbox has exploded over the weekend? Fret not! Another installment of Case of the Mondays is here to help you deal with it. Or at least distract your mind from all that as you scroll through and enjoy a big panoramic image of an awesome place. Just click on the image below to open up the full version (give it some time to load) and use your arrow keys to move around and see all the details. Then click anywhere or hit Esc to close it. That's it for Dos and Don'ts. Now pop open the full panorama and pan around!

After some amazing mountain panoramas from American west the last two weeks, today I give you the rooftops of Copenhagen:

Copenhagen panorama from Vor Frelsers Kirke

When they saw this picture, my parents compared it to Parisian rooftops - very different in nature but at the same time, very colorful, lively and unique, especially contrasting the gloomy northern weather.

I took this panorama once we climbed up to the top of Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of our Savior). Located just outside Christiania area, this church is unique because the top portion of the spiral staircase winds around the bell tower. On the outside. With pretty low handrails (and me being pretty tall) it makes for quite an exciting climb up to the top with the awesome view of the city.

And now get back to work! Or check out the rest of Case of the Mondays series. It really is up to you :)