Case of the Mondays #18: Ipil Beach


Well folks, this was bound to happen eventually - I am officially out of cool panoramic shots to help you cope with the Case of the Mondays. Unfortunately, I did not have the Canon software to stitch together the panoramic shots during my round-the-world trip, so I did not take many of them as the result. Fear not my friends! With my awesome trip to Scandinavia and an epic road trip coming up, I should have plenty of new "material" in no time! Until then, I thought it would be appropriate to end the series (for now) with my favorite picture from the entire trip - the Ipil beach near a small fishing village of El Nido in the Philippens. After all, I started the series with an awesome panoramic shot of Bacuit Archipelago. Today, you get to 'zoom in' on one of its beaches.

So kick back, relax, open up the full version shot, and enjoy!

Ipil Beach, El Nido, Philippines

[message type="custom" width="82%" align="center"]I have recently entered this picture into a travel photo contest by RoamRight and I would appreciate if you could vote for it if you get a chance (the contest link does not seem to work on mobile devices). [/message]

In fact, I like this picture so much that I used it to create a custom image credit card from Capital ONE (don't judge, it was free!):

Capital ONE card with Ipil Beach

I did not plan much for this picture and the idea came to me on a whim as we were hanging out at the beach, waiting to watch the sunset over the Helicopter Island. The first time I actually made some footsteps, the water promptly washed them off, so I had to do it a bit farther away, but at the same time close enough to the water so I can get that into the picture as well. Oh, and it was quite an ordeal to make it back to town after the sunset, but I have blogged about that already.