Case of the Mondays #13: Morro Bay


It has been a week since the last Case of the Mondays post meaning it is another Monday and it is time for your afternoon [morning/evening] picker upper!

Today I give you the view an extra panoramic view (if there is such thing) of Morro Bay in central California, approximately half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. So it's time to take a quick break from whatever you are doing, open up the full version of this awesome view and savor in every detail!

Morro Bay, California

The famous Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) makes its way back to the Pacific coast at this point and then runs along it all the way to San Francisco. When I was helping my sister move to San Fran last year, we spent the night at our friends' place in Ventura (just north of LA) and then headed out for the beautiful mesmerizing drive along the coast.