Case of the Mondays #9: Istanbul


Case of the Mondays is back after one week hiatus - I have a fun story about how I almost got to fly First Class from Frankfurt back to the US last week, but the flight got cancelled and ensuing chaos did not allow me to post an update last week. So this week I give you more than just a pretty picture to look at! So far all of the panoramic goodies I have shown you were of nature's making - beautiful beaches, rugged coastlines, gorgeous mountains, and endless prairies. Today the panorama is of a man-made wonder - the city of Istanbul.

It is time to put away whatever you are working on, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view by clicking on the image to load the full size panorama:

Magnificent Istanbul from Galata Tower

On the left side it the Bosphorus strait - one of busiest waterways in the world separating European and Asian parts of Turkey. In front of you is the Golden Horn separating the two European parts of the city. On the left, on top of the hill, is the Topkapi Palace, followed by the famous Hagia Sophia in the center - a former main basilica of Eastern Orthodox, later turned into a mosque. To the right of it, is equally famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The bridge connecting the two parts is the old Galata bridge leading to the Spice Bazaar.

I spent half a day in Istanbul on my way back from Ukraine, but was able to check out quite a bit of the city. Look out for a write up soon!

Now, back to whatever you were doing! :)