FlightMemory Stats

I have been using a nifty website called Flight Memory to keep track of all my flying for as far back as I remember. It provides interesting stats, from longest and shortest flights to the total amount of hours and miles flown, as well as quirky facts such as how many times I have circumnavigated the Earth, gone to the moon or the sun (based on miles flown). Yes, I am a huge aviation nerd. You probably know that by now.

Anyways, I just finished entering my last couple of flights from the trip and thought it would be nice to get some stats for it. Unfortunately, custom dates are not supported on the stats page, so I had to total these up manually, more or less. Also, the graphic below is a tad misleading as it shows some of my previous trips outside the US as well, but for the most part (ignoring Central America and Eastern Europe) it does show this trip pretty well.

So without further adue, I present to you my Flight Memory:

And some stats from this trip:

[custom_list style="list-10"]

  • Number of flights: 40
  • Total time in the air: 156 hours and 57 minutes or 6.5 days
  • Total distance traveled: 66,580 miles / 107,193 kilometers or 2.68 times around the Earth
  • Number of airlines flown: 21 (or 22 if you count United and Continental separately)
  • Longest flight (distance): Seoul to Los Angeles on Asiana Airlines Boeing 747 (5988 miles / 9641 kilometers, trip report coming)
  • Longest flight (time): Frankfurt to Johannesburg on South African Airways Airbus A340 (10 hours, 35 minutes). Interestingly, while it was just a tad shorter than Seoul to LA flight (5407 miles / 8705 kilometers), it took nine minutes longer.


Nifty, eh?

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