Chris Guillebeau's End of the World Party

After about 24 hours on the road, I have finally made it to Oslo and wasted no time heading out to Chris Guillebeau's End of the World party at a small bar in the center of town. The party was the kick in the butt I needed to finally bite the [pricy] bullet and plan a trip to Scandinavia. Crazy? Sure. But like with any other addiction, I will take any excuse to get back on the road!

The party itself was two-fold. Chris was turning 35 so it was a birthday celebration. But far more than that, it also was a celebration of his amazing [amusing to some] achievement - visiting every country in the world with Norway being the last on the list. Yup, you heard it right - every single one of 193 United Nations member states (and 50 or so territories with other official statuses or the lack there of). That must be one thick passport!

Chris toasting the crowd

Chris has done some amazing work with his Art of Nonconformity blog (and a book of the same name). He is also the organizer of the World Domination Summit in Portland - a gathering of similarly-minded, mostly corporate-world-free spirits, and just simply amazing people doing extraordinary things. I attended last year for the first time and cannot wait to go back this year! I also had a chance to personally meet Chris at a quick dinner with a couple mutual friends after a travel blogger conference last year and while I do not consider myself an avid follower of his blog (actually, I have only read one post there so far) but I definitely align with his message of …

But the party was much more than just a celebration of Chris' achievement.

The crowd (from

For me, it was a great chance to catch up with a few awesome people I have met before, especially Nathan from Think Legend, whom I met at the World Domination Summit last year and Ernest (the FlyBrother) I met at TBEX. There were quite a few other awesome people at the party; we chatted with some, spend more time with others, but in the end, it was simply too short of a time to hang out with so many amazing people.

Can't wait for the World Domination Summit!