Case of the Mondays 19: Tromso Harbor


The Case of the Mondays series is back after a short break! But first, let me give a quick recap for those of you that may have stumbled upon my blog just recently - instead of the regular posts with lots of awesome pictures (I figured if I keep telling myself that, then eventually I will end up taking awesome pictures), on Mondays I make a quick post with a single panoramic picture from a unique place I have traveled to. You should be able to open the full screen version of the panorama and pan around (pun intended) to enjoy every little detail. All while taking a break from the hassle of a typical Monday.

Oh, and hopefully, share it with your friends and/or coworkers - anyone else with a Case of the Mondays!

So there you go.

Now sit back, pop open the full size panorama below and enjoy!

Tromso harbor way above the Arctic circle.

Tromso was my second stop on the trip to Norway. I spend an afternoon wondering around the snow-filled town and eventually stumbled upon this view of the old harbor and the bridge to the mainland in the background. If you look close enough, you will even see a cathedral in the middle of the picture - the largest one up there.