Tromso Snow Wonderland

Being from Ukraine and enduring three winters in Iowa, I am not exactly new to snow. But holly Santa! I was not prepared for THAT much snow in Tromso.

The house I was couchsurfing at

When Stine and Solveig told me that they just got two meters of snow shortly after Easter, I did not think much of that. That seemed like a lot, but then again, we would get quite a bit of snow in Iowa as well.

Still, being way above the Arctic circle, Tromso ain't Iowa…

Location of Tromso

And I realized just what I got myself into as soon as I got there. I had to take a bus to meet my couchsurfing host Dasha and I am pretty sure I provided some entertainment for the locals constantly trying to take pictures as they went business as usual.

With so much snow to hold, no wonder most bus stops are pure concrete boxes

Kids are having fun

The roads were quite literally narrow tracks with walls of snow on each side and I just had to take a picture to give you a perspective in the middle of this madness.

I have not seen many piles of snow taller than me. Here it was a normal with piles being much higher.

And here is what it looked like from the inside of the house.

The (lack of) view outside


Still, a little snow could not stop me from exploring this town and the weather cooperated that day - it was just cold enough to keep the snow from melting and not cold enough to make me freeze.

The main part of town

I like that!

So off I was, wondering the main streets, admiring the bright colors and layers upon layers of snow on the roofs.

I just couldn't get enough of rooftop snow pics

There aren't must-see things here, mainly things to do - from skiing to cruises to riding a cable car to the top of a nearby mountain for a nice overlook of the city. Oh, and it is one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, as I was visiting neither during winter- nor during summer-time, none of these were an option.

Tromso harbor

Trying to get out of the snow? Good luck with that...

So I just kept on walking around the downtown area before deciding to walk the one kilometer bridge to the "mainland" where another "must see" landmark is located - the Arctic Cathedral.

The Arctic Cathedral

I liked the cathedral from the outside - it was not just your usual church nor was it something grandiose. But I didn't go inside and instead walked back across the bridge to take some pictures in the other direction.

Tromso and majestic scenery around it

Toy boats?

The colors of Tromso

And that was about it. A quick few hours spent walking around the city, then a nice evening with my generous hosts. Oh, and they took me to a nearby Kaldfjorden - my first fjord!

Sunset over the Kaldfjorden with my couchsurfing hosts Dasha and Alex

Next morning I bolted out of bed thinking that I slept through my alarm clock - it was so bright out side that I thought it might be time to run to the airport already. Then I checked the clock and it was 6am... They do have night time up there right now, but it is not a very long one - hence the lack of the Northern Lights.

Although I was a little disappointed that I missed the Northern Lights season, I got a taste of the ridiculous-amount-of-snow season there - simply magical! In fact, surprisingly, there was a lot more snow in Tromso than there was up north in Longyearbyen. But I get ahead of myself.