Europe Beer Run Update

A week ago, on a whim, I booked myself a ticket to Europe. In particular, to visit Dublin, Munich, Frankfurt and Prague. As usual, I used my United miles to book the business class ticket across the pond with four stops in Europe for 100,000 miles and under $300. Euro beer run flight map

Dublin because I have never been to Ireland and many of my travel blogging friends were in town for another TBEX conference. Munich was the main reason I went - to visit my third Oktoberfest in the row. Frankfurt and Prague were added to see friends and check out a new city. And also because I could add them to my award ticket for free.

It is hard to keep up with the blog while I hop around half of Europe in ten days so I have been posting quick updates on Instagram and my Facebook page. But I know not all people use those so here is a quick recap of the updates so far along with Instagram pictures.

Euro Beer Run, day 0

Problems right away - huge storm in Houston meant we had to delay enroute so my 35 minute connection wasn't looking good. As we landed, it started downpouring again, luckily we did have a jet bridge. Barely made on my flight to Philly and the rain has disappeared as we were taxiing out mere 25 minutes later. Four hours at the lounge in Philly went by quick and half an hour before departure I walked over to the gate to find out that they have already boarded and I was the last one. Again! Flying on US scAirways for the first time (even in biz) was disappointing. Ridiculous IFE, clueless and clumsy FAs and crappy food. The highlight was this shot overflying directly above Manhattan.

Euro beer run - flying to dublin over manhattan

Euro Beer Run, day 1

Woke up just as we got to Ireland. It really looked super green down there, even in October! It was dreary but not raining so decided to go outside Dublin first and explore the cliffs of Howth. Fresh salty air soon turned into fresh salty and saturated with rain so had to do most of the hike with my umbrella. Still amazing! More rain in Dublin so just stayed at the hostel and wrestled with extremely slow and unreliable Internet connection while waiting for a bunch of friends to finish up with their party at the travel blogger conference. Sadly, didn't hear back from any of them so just went to sleep to battle the jetlag and get up early for the tour of Guinness factory before my flight out.

Euro beer run - hiking howth cliffs in Ireland

Euro Beer Run, day 2

Had just enough time in the morning to check out the Guinness factory before catching the airport bus. Was contemplating if I had enough time to swing by the lounge to get some real food before my flight to Frankfurt. Instead, saw 'Final Call' displayed next to my flight as I was going through security and had to work off some of that Guinness getting to the gate. Arrived to gate A16 in Frankfurt, Munich flight out of gate A18 in 45 minutes - easy, right? Wrong! It's Frankfurt...

Instead of letting us out via the jetbridge, we get bussed to the terminal and I have to clear the worst-run security checkpoint (yes, worse than TSA) and then onto passport control. Missed the flight, but I knew there was another one an hour later and made that one. Amazed at German efficiency once again - the flight attendants blow through the drink service on the A320, on a 35 minute flight! Take that, Delta FAs that could never get through the drink service on Atlanta-Daytona flight on MD-80s! Anyhow, I was overdue on the drink and dinner of my own so off we were to kick off my third year at the Wiesn.

Euro beer run - Guinness in Dublin for breakfast and Oktoberfest for dinner

Euro Beer Run, day 3

After getting stuck waiting 57 minutes for Sbahn to go back to my hotel, I didn't pass out until 4am so the morning plans were shuttered. Got some beers with former coworkers in the afternoon before heading back to Oktoberfest grounds and finally getting a lederhosen - the traditional Bavarian outfit. Of course, we had to break it in and headed out to the 'Traditional' part of the Wiesn with less crowds and much tastier beer.

Euro beer run - wearing my new lederhosen at traditional Oktoberfest Wiesn

Next is Frankfurt and Prague. Stay tuned!