Europe Beer Run Update #2 - Würzburg, Frankfurt, and Marburg

This continues my quick updates from the beer run trip to Europe as I posted on Facebook and Instagram while on the road. After checking out Dublin and hitting up Munich for my third Oktoberfest in the row, I was off to Frankfurt. I have been to Frankfurt two years ago and then again stopped by last December for the Christmas market (and almost flew back in first class) so instead of spending much time in the city, I checked out a few smaller towns nearby.

Euro Beer Run, day 4

Bye, bye Munich - hello, Frankfurt! But why spend €80 on a high speed train when all-day ticket on local trains is €42? And I could hop off to check out Nuremberg and Würzburg on the way. Except that I didn't wake up until late again. So, instead, decided to only stop in Würzburg because it is smaller. Walked into a cafe and asked if the lady spoke English - turned out she was from upstate New York.

Then off to the Residence which made me think of mini Versailles with it's Barocco architecture and beautiful public gardens. A short stroll across the old town brought me to the old bridges over Main with a fortress on top of the hill across the river. Beautiful views from the bottom as well as the top of the hill and inside the fortress itself, followed by sampling of some local wine at the bridge and a quick dash back to the train station four hours later (instead of the originally planned two hour stop). Würzburg is now my favorite town in Germany and is going onto the list of places I would like to live at someday.

Euro beer run - Wurzburg from Festung Marienberg

Euro Beer Run, day 5

A relaxing day today with some gym time followed by a nice German dinner and then some drinks at a temporary rooftop bar with a great view of Frankfurt's skyscrapers. Catching up with a friend I originally met in Frankfurt and then hung out in Bangkok. And his friend - the crazy ultra marathoner doing some of the toughest 100 mile runs on the planet - running for over 24 hours, often alone for miles, catching the glimpse of mountain lions and bears at night along the night. That's why I love hanging out with locals, especially locals with a travel bug.

Euro beer run - Frankfurt NEXTOWER rooftop bar

Euro Beer Run, day 6

Time to get out of  Frankfurt and check out some smaller towns nearby. Marburg is an old university town with winding cobblestone streets, medieval-style houses and a castle at the top of the hill. But we didn't have time for the castle and instead drove a bit out of the city to hike around the hill by Münchhausen village, naturally looking for the deer with the cherry tree on his head - but it doesn't mean it isn't real!

Euro beer run - Marburg

Euro Beer Run, day 7

Last day in Frankfurt, breakfast at 3pm after another late night. Just hanging out, more gym time and catching up with couple more friends before and after. The gym is located at the top of this funky shaped shopping mall in the center of the city:

Euro beer run - Frankfurt MyZeil mall

Two more days in Prague and that's a wrap!

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