Europe Beer Run Update #3 - Prague and Going Home

This continues my quick updates from the beer run trip to Europe as I posted on Facebook and Instagram while on the road. After checking out Dublin and hitting up Munich for my third Oktoberfest in the row, then stopping in Wurzburg, Frankurt and Marburg I took a quick flight over to Prague. It was my first time in this city (and Czech Republic) and I was looking forward to it as pretty much everyone I know either likes or loves it. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty much non-stop for the day and a half I was there, but I still managed to do some sightseeing and fall in love with Kozel dark beer (even though I am not a fan of stouts).

Euro Beer Run, day 8

A quick one hour flight from Frankfurt to Prague. Had no luck with couchsurfing so got a hostel in the middle of old town. Beautiful city! Curiously, transportation really reminded me of Ukraine - the old red trams and subway cars are the same, manufactured here in Czech Republic, except here they are actually being taken care of... Wondered around Europe's largest medieval castle with a wonderful mix of architectural styles inside as the rain was pouring down and then had some really delicious dinner and Kozel beer outside the city center. Yum!

Euro beer run - inside Prague castle architectures

Euro Beer Run, day 9

Full day in Prague. Started with a highly regarded Sandeman's free walking tour of the city (with about another dozen of free tour guides roaming around at the old town square). It was ok but a bit on the lengthy side and it started to rain so I escaped half way through and headed out to the aviation museum on the outskirts of the city. A bit confusing to get to, still, I made it, hoping to escape the rain inside the hangars but it was only partially inside. A great museum with tons and tons of airplanes representing pretty much the full century of aviation.

The rain would not go away so I decided to save the rest of sightseeing for the next visit. Went for some roasted duck for dinner - a local specialty and another win. Love Czech food. Funny, as I was eating dinner and thinking about my flight back to Tulsa the next day, I received a message on couchsurfing from a Praguese (?) girl that was going to Tulsa the next day as well and was looking to hang out. Unfortunately, it was too late for us to meet up in Prague but we'll meet up in Tulsa instead. What a coincidence! Couchsurfing never ceases to amaze me.

Euro beer run - Prague old town square

Euro Beer Run, day 10

Last day - heading home from Prague through Vienna, Chicago and Houston. First time flying Austrian across the pond and I was blown away. The lounge in Vienna was ok with a really tiny bathroom but the business class seats on the 767 were very spacious. And they actually have a cook on board! No wonder the food was, by far, the best out of all premium cabins I have flown. There was an 80 year old lady from Bosnia sitting next to me who didn't speak English or German, but did understand a bit of Russian so I did my best to help her out on the flight and then navigating the Chicago airport to get to her next gate (yey me) before heading out to Houston. Waking up at 6am in Prague, I finally got home 22 hours later.

Europe beer run - Austrian airlines

And that's it folks. Ten days, six cities, a few beers, and hanging out with lots of friends. Not bad for a last minute trip!

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