Case of the Mondays #23: Marstrand Castle in Sweden

As promised last week, today's episode of Case of the Mondays series features a panoramic view of Marstrand Castle and its majestic surroundings as seen while hiking around the Marstrand island. So it's time to stop whatever you are working on and take a quick break!

Open up the full panorama and enjoy!

This time you have a little homework - see how many little houses you can spot on the rocks.

Ok, now you can pop it open and have fun with it!

Marstrand Castle on Marstrand island near Gothenburg sweden

The weather wasn't cooperating that day - it was raining buckets in the morning in Gothenburg so I almost gave up on the idea of going to Marstrand. But a few rays of sunshine in the afternoon was enough for me to jump on the bus there and hike around the island for a bit. A very popular sailing spot during the summer, the entire place was pretty much dead and I did not run into another person there until a few hours later. It was quite a magical place.

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