Case of the Mondays #22: Barcelona Airport


Today's Case of the Mondays post is a bit different. As usual, you still get an amazing panoramic view of a beautiful place to take your mind of whatever is making you go crazy today. And it combines the sea and the mountains in one shot. But beyond that, it also has airplanes! Yey, right?!

Aviation geeks rejoice! I give you a panoramic view of Barcelona El Prat airport during its early afternoon departure "rush".

Note that it is a bit larger than the usual panoramas I post (2.6MB) so it might take just slightly longer to load after you click on it. But it is worth it!

Panoramic view of Barcelona El Prat airport

I shot this from outside the main control tower at the airport as we were hanging out 70 meters above the ground with Jesus - a local air traffic controller whom I contacted after listening to his interviews on the awesome Airplane Geeks podcast. He scrambled at the last moment to set up a tour of the tower for me and we had a great time up there. Stay tuned!

Programming note: as I mentioned before, the last few weeks have been really busy for me as I travelled all around Europe so I have not posted as much on the blog, but I have been regularly sharing photos and other amusing things on my facebook page as well as on my Instagram and Twitter. If you aren't following me there yet, it's a good time to do so :)