Case of the Mondays #21: Piazza Navona

To help you with the Case of the Mondays this week, I was going to post a beautiful panoramic view from a hike I did at the Marstrand island in Sweden. But this morning we went to Piazza Navona in Rome and I couldn't wait to share with you an awesome view there. Don't worry, Marstrand hiking will be next week. But for now, kick back, relax, open up the full screen version, and enjoy the view!

Piazza Navona, also know as Plaza of Three Fountains, in Rome

Originally used as sorts of a stadium, it was rebuilt as a public space and decorated by competing architects. A few subtle things show just how much they disliked each other, such as figures in the fountains all looking away from the others. The piazza itself is surrounded by many cool buildings and is full of painters selling their crafts.