Case of the Mondays #11: Lake Tekapo


Sifting through my Case of the Mondays series of posts, I noticed that so far only one of them showed off a location in New Zealand - the beautiful and memorable lake Wanaka. That seemed a bit odd - after all, most people have the image of New Zealand being one of the most picturesque places in the world.

And it is!

So, on this Monday, I give you another beautiful panoramic view of New Zealand - lake Tekapo in the central part of the South Island, not far from Mt. Cook:

Lake Tekapo

I spent the night at the small township on the southern side of the lake while driving from Christchurch to Mt. Cook. As I got there, the low clouds were slowly and majestically rolling over the hills mountains on the east side of the lake. Unfortunately, the next day the entire area was covered in clouds and drizzling so I could not see much from the nearby Mt. John nor was I able to see the Mt. Cook when I got there.